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Moda offers a wide selection of gently-used clothing, high quality, hand picked items. You can find anything from Gap to Gucci in our Calgary consignment shop including:

  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Accessories (such as belts, purses and jewelry.)

We keep our inventory fresh and exciting so that every time you come in, you'll find something new and unique.

Moda Consignment carries the latest styles and a wide range of high-end brands. We specialize in 'mainstream modern', which means that if you can find it in the mall, you can find it at Moda.

Our goal is to help you find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for. We strive to make your consignment shopping experience easy and fun.  Some of our services include:

Client Wish-List

Our customer service extends beyond our shop doors. By registering with Moda, you can tell us exactly what you like and we'll put together a wish-list for you, tailored to your specific style and tastes. We then draw upon our large database of consignors to search for fashion YOU want. Once we've received such an item, we contact you immediately, giving you first refusal.

Store Layout

Many thrift stores and other Calgary consignment shops require that you spend hours digging through items to find your specific size, let alone to find something you actually like. At Moda, our neat and organized space makes your shopping experience hassle free. Our clothing racks are sorted according to SIZE, so you can quickly find something in your style.

Time-determined Markdowns

To help your items sell and give customers a great price, we implement time-determined markdowns. If an item doesn’t sell within the first 30 days, the price is reduced by 25%, 50% and finally, 75%! We'll even reach out to you via e-mail if an item that you have your eye on goes through a markdown - giving you the best consignment prices in Calgary.

Buyer-Seller Connection

We believe that consignment shopping is as much about the friendships you form as it is about finding clothes you love! We keep open communication between our consignors and shoppers to ensure the most fair and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Open Communication - While all of our items receive an agreed upon price, if a buyer comes in and offers a reasonable amount, we'll contact the consignor to see if the price is acceptable to them, ensuring movement of our products. 
  • Fashion Partners - If you develop an affinity for a certain consignor's items, we'll update you whenever their, or similar items, come into our consignment shop.

Moda on the Move

Twice a year, we host 'Moda on the Move', a pop-up sale. 

  • Spring - Bridal & Formals Calgary Consignment Sale
  • Fall - Mom's & Tots Calgary Consignment Sale

At Moda Consignment, we understand that a large part of our success has to do with our consignment shoppers. We provide unique services and form strong relationships with our clients to create the ultimate consignment shopping experience.

In fact, most of our customers stop by for coffee and a chat as much as they do for a new item of clothing!

To learn more about our personalized customer service, give us a call at 403-454-0980 or drop by anytime - we’d love to see you!


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