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Over the years I have asked why there are certain "rules" in the consignment agreement. There is a reason for each one of them and I will explain a few here.

First question is usually "why only 20 to 30 items at a time?". There are a few reasons for this. We have a small store and a large number of active consignors and for each consignor to have a fair chance to have the items put on the floor in a timely fashion there must be a limit to how much each consignor can bring in at one time. If consignors were allowed to bring in as much as they wanted that would be all we would be doing in a day. Currently when a consignor drops off items they get to floor within one business day, large quantity drop offs would delay the processing time and those consignors bringing in only a couple of things would be waiting an unreasonable amount of time for their items to reach the floor. Also there is the issue of storage. Because we can process quickly we do not need a large sorting area therefore our storage area is limited. Cramming this area could lead to violations of fire code and huge fines....yes, we do get inspected regularly without notice. Lastly, and probably most importantly to you the consignor, some consignors may be under the impression that the more they bring in the more money/credit they will make when in fact that is not necessarily true. Moda operates on a regular markdown system so if you were to bring in 60 items for example the chances that all our customers in the first 30 days after you drop off are your size and your taste, looking for those exact items, well its prettly slim. This means most of your items will go through the markdown and sell for significantly less.

Why no weekend drop offs? There is really only one answer and that is weekends are for customers. Our busiest days are Saturday and Sunday and if you are absolutely unable to get to the store by 6pm during the week just call me, I can stay late to accommodate you. There is a $12.00 weekend drop off fee.

Do my clothes need to freshly laundered? Yes they do. They should be brought in clean and on hangers or neatly folded. Shoes and boots need to be polished and purses cleaned out. We are not responsible to make your items presentable for sale and if we have to take extra time delinting your slacks or polishing your boots you are charged per item. The reason for this charge is simple, the time it takes to clean your items plus the cost of polish, cleaning products, even the cost of using the steamer all adds up and if your are on a contract the allows you to pick up your unsold items then you are getting your things back in better condition than when you brought them in. Moda charges $1.50 per item to make it "presentable" for sale. This fee is charged to your account whether the items sells or not.

Do I need to know my consignor number? Yes, you must know this number. Moda's consignment systems is designed it so that if we are hacked your personal information does not appear perhaps getting your email and intercepting your etransfer payment. 

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, please just ask. Thank you, Sharon.

Is there parking? There is 2 hour free street parking along 9th Avenue east of 13th Street.


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