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Winter White Fashion Rules

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  1. Do: Mix shades of white and cream in different textures and weights:

Add dimension to an all-white look by mixing varying shades of white and cream. Reach for contrasting textures, like heavy denim and super soft cashmere for a cool and casual look

Don't: Get *too *match-matchy.

  1.   Do: Go for tailored pieces:

We love a tailored pant suit or matched set in white. It has a sophisticated dressed-up vibe.

Don't: This isn't the time to squeeze into a smaller size or wear a size that's too big. Everything shows in white, so the fit must be impeccable.

  1. Do: Use it as a clean canvas:

Take advantage of the clean white canvas and style your trousers and simple blouse with patterned outerwear and statement jewelry. Though we urge you to keep your look as effortless as possible, it's definitely an opportunity to rock those eye-catching pieces you have been struggling to style.

Don't: Over accessorize. Add a few key pieces-sunglasses, a bag, a cape even, but keep the look clean. Think less is more.

  1. Do: Wear contrasting shoes:

Even when going all-out white, stop when you get to your toes. Go bright and bold in cobalt or cherry red, or reach for basic black shoes.

Don’t: Wear white shoes with a winter white outfit. Ever.

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