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Tips On Cleaning Out Your Closet

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  1. The change of seasons is a good time to clean out your closet. As you put away your winter clothes, be honest with yourself about what to keep. If you didn’t wear something once all last winter, you’re not likely to wear it next year. Seriously consider letting it go to make more room for the things you do wear and love.
  2. Clean out closets and drawers pretty regularly.
  3. A good rule is when you buy something new, something has to go. 
  4. Keep only as many hangers as you need to hang things in your closet. If you buy something new, you need to let go of something so you have a free hanger.
  5. If your cast-offs are in good condition, donate them or bring them to a consignment store where somebody can get better use of your clothing, instead of it just sitting in your closet, never getting worn.  
  6. Keep things organized so that you can easily see all of your clothing, that way you are more likely to wear something that is hung up nicely in your closet, versus being stuffed at the stop of your closet where it’s harder to see.
  7. Pull out your favorite items of clothing – the keepers. If you have to think more than a few seconds about what to keep and what to toss, you probably won’t miss it if you toss it in the donate/sell pile.

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