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Why is there a limit on how many items I can consign at a time?

When consigning with Moda it is our goal to ensure that the process is fair and easy for everyone. For this reason we limit each drop off to 20 presorted items per consignor, per month. This is so that each consignor has an equal opportunity to maximize their earning potential while keeping the number of items that go through the markdown process and are eventually pulled from the sales floor low. Moda is a small store with a limited staff and we want to make sure that each individual receives the same care and attention. Getting your items ready for sale in a timely fashion involves a number of steps, if you have dropped off 10 items but the individuals just before you dropped off 40, 50 maybe even 60 items, it would mean your things may not hit the sales floor for days.  Also, if you drop of 50 items the chances of the majority of customers in the first 30 days are going to be your size and have your same style are low. Therefore many of the things will then go through our markdown process, reducing your earnings.

And finally, we also want to leave room for new consignors to sign up and join the team. This in turn will bring in more shoppers and more chance of your items being's a win win for everyone! So it pays to spread out your drop offs! 

Drop in or give us a call at 403-454-0980. We look forward to seeing you!

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Sharon is one wonderful lady. Upbeat, personal and honest. She carries high quality goods and sells at a great price. I always find a fantastic piece (or two or when I shop there. Make sure to to tell all your friends to get in on the deals!

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