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How to Wear a Ruffled Blouse

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Pair it With Tailored Clothing

For a maximum chic style impact, pair your ruffle blouse with a simple and tailored garment such as a blazer jacket, a pair of dress pants and a sleek tote bag. It helps balance out the frilly-nilly look of the top. We want to look pretty but classy, right? If you want a casual-chic look turn up the cool-factor with basic dark blue denim jeans. However, I would personally add a whiff of color with a handbag in tan or red. If your style is trendy try a combination of brown-and-beige leopard short pencil skirt with a black ruffle shirt.

Ruffles on the Right Places

This is super-important to get the look right. You need ruffles that add volume on all the right places, which are shoulders and bust-area.


Details above the bust draw the eye up to your face and shoulders which make you appear taller. In general, ruffles around the stomach or waist are visually fattening and can take inches off your height. Compared to the very-frilly and pom pom-like ruffle that only add curves in an unflattering way, simple and waterfall'ish ruffle details are much more flattering. They should also long vertically to help draw the eye up and down, which in turn helps camouflage tummy bumps and lumps.

Ruffles (or details in general) are a great way to balance out wide hips and draw attention away from your lower body. If you have a small chest, they'll help fill them out. On the other hand, if your chest is large make sure to look for the flattering ruffles (long and waterfall'ish). 




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