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How to Score High Fashion on a Low Budget

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Check Out Bridge Lines - If you’ve ever wished that you could wear a Missoni maxi dress or carry a Versace bag, you know how depressing surfing their sites can be. Spending $1,200 on a clutch is pretty much out of the question for me. That’s why I’ve been happy to see high-fashion brands team up with lower-priced retailers to create new fashion lines.

Update Accesories Only -  I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t have the money to do a complete wardrobe overhaul each season. Instead of spending a fortune on new pants, shirts, and jackets, I invest in good staples that can last several seasons. Then, when a new trend hits, I can buy cheaper accesories to keep my wardrobe updated without completely decimating my bank account.

Shop Discount Stores - If you’re all about brands and flashy labels, it can be very tempting to overspend in a pricey department store. If you’re dying for the real deal, try a discount store like Marshall's, Winners, Ross, or Burlington Coat Factory. These stores purchase end-of-season extras from other stores, which means you get deep discounts if you’re not picky about the season.

Invest in a Tailor - Honestly, it’s never the brand of pants that matters – it’s the fit. That’s how your favorite stars always look perfect in their clothes. They’re tailored to fit their bodies perfectly. Then, when you dash out to buy the same trend, it falls flat on your body. Instead of buying pricey denim and dresses, you can buy cheaper threads and then head to the tailor. Getting a pair of pants tailored costs about $15, but it can really make you look like a million bucks. Find a tailor in your area and make nice. You’ll have a way to make sure that even the cheapest clothes look amazing on your body. No one will even notice that you’ve spent less.

Go Thrift Store Shopping - With the availability of consignment stores, you can find a huge range of designer clothes in next to new condition on the cheap. Give it a try and find your comfort zone. Items like shoes, jackets, and handbags are some of the most expensive items to buy retail so secondhand shopping makes your dollar to much futher.

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