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10 Women's Hat Trends For Summer 2017

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Big Brimmed Hats

Tennis-like hats are perfect for the sunny days during summer. It has a big brim at the front that provides the perfect amount of shade needed to protect your face from the sun. Brimmed hats that have an elegant bow at its back will sit gracefully on your hair.

Striped Straw Hats

Stripes are always the theme for a warm beautiful summer. This striped straw hat is big and floppy; it is made of a soft breathable material, so it feels comfy to wear on hot days.

Super Floppy Sun Hat

There is a reason for these hats to be called super; it is the fact that it covers up to 22 inches of your face, protecting it from the harmful sun. One more perfect thing about these hats is that they are very flexible and can be safely put inside a suitcase.

Boater Sun Hat

The reason the boater sun hat is named that way is the fact that it makes you look like you’re going for boating. This hat is a great accessory that you can wear all summer long without concern and it’s the newest clothing trend.

Cotton Beach Sun Hats

Well, no wonder that this cotton beach sun hat is on the last. First, it is a beach hat, and second, it is made of cotton which is the perfect material to use on hot summer days.

Fringed Sun Hat

Fringes are always incredible factors that add a great look to whatever they are attached to. These sun hats look pretty funky and would match a lot of your cool colorful summer outfits

Chevron-banded Fedora Hat

Fedora hats are very popular among women who love to spice up their looks during summer. These hats with a band in chevrons would never fail to get you to the perfection you are looking for.

Color Blocking Sun Hat

The color blocking hats keep you covered perfectly from the sun heat, but with style and grace. The brim is in tan while the top is white; the contrasting colors make it easy for you to match the hat with any swimsuit or any of your colorful summer dress. 

Fringed White Hat with Black Band

Here’s a hat for women who like to keep it classic, black and white. No need for elaboration here; black and white are perfect for everything and every time of the year, Period.

Wide Brimmed Fabric Sun

The reason for this hat to be on that list is the wide brims that are perfect for ultimate protection, but that is not everything; actually, soft fabric is a great factor too to place these sun hats on this list, it is perfect for hot sunny days.

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